Are you tired of starting songs and not finishing them? Follow Dana as she chronicles her year-long project of composing one song a week in "Behind the Song". Find out why doing that project you've been putting off, will help you not only become a better creator but will change your life. You will be inspired into action on your own project.

Behind the Song

"How I wrote one song a week for a year, and why you should too."
Songwriter's Guide to Finishing &
Re-writing Songs

Dana Carmel -

Published by Dana Carmel Records

200 pages


Intro from Dana:


I’ve been songwriting for over a decade now. It's the way I am most able to express myself. It is the time I feel most connected not only to my own power but to the powers that be.

My consistent self-exploration and self-connection has absolutely led me to be a greater songwriter.


Think about it...


it’s hard to write expressive songs that connect with others when you don’t have a strong sense of who you are, as an artist and in life.

I have learned so much about the craft of songwriting. Countless retreats, workshops, seminars you name it. And the one thing I leave all of those events with is the idea that “There's No Getting Around Doing The Work”. 

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Dana Carmel is a passionate singer-songwriter and top-liner. She is an NYU  Music major (graduating cum laude) and has been profiled in both Bleep and Pen’s Eye View and received accolades from, where her song “Fighter” became a semi-finalist and “Castle” was praised as a runner-up.