What people are saying: 

"That was amazing and you are so special. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us."

"I loved the personal little acoustic session and will probably do one again with you at some point."

Dana Carmel is a passionate singer-songwriter and top-liner. She is an NYU  Music major (graduating cum laude) and has been profiled in both Bleep and Pen’s Eye View and received accolades from songoftheyear.com, where her song “Fighter” became a semi-finalist and “Castle” was praised as a runner-up.

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A Serenade

"Let's bring back the romance. It's an important overlooked element in today's world. The smallest gestures can make the biggest impact. A person's day can go from good to great in an instant."    Dana Carmel

Little Red Heart
A serenade from you to them


And so I offer to you serenades for your girlfriends, wives, sisters, and mothers. A gift idea for Valentines Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. A gesture to say "I'm thinking about you", "I love you", and just because. 

How it works: we use Face Time, or Skype at the designated time and I play you and your girl (or just her if you'd like) 3 songs. It's about 15 minutes. I play cover songs and originals (and will provide a list to choose from). 

If you want a longer serenade, there is an option for that. 

If you want me to write an Original Love song just for your girl, there is also an option for that. I will need at least 3 weeks notice for that option.  

Also included- all serenades will be video recorded so you have them to watch forever

3 SONG SERENADE (click to order)

5 SONG SERENADE (click to order)


3 Songs are $50

5 songs are $70 (15% savings)

DELUXE ORIGINAL SONG (click to order)

An original song is $500. I need at least 3 weeks to gather information, write the song, and then record it. Yes, you will get a professional recording of your song:) And a credit in the notes. 

Recommended- a good set of speakers to plug your phone or computer into